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GREA Technology provides integrated logistics digitalization management solutions and one-stop worry-free services from deployment to implementation, from platform to application.
Logwire APaaS

The enterprise management information system development platform, even business consultants with non-computer programming majors, can use Logwire to quickly and conveniently build stable and efficient applications.

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Logwire Cloud

One-stop enterprise collaborative development cloud platform, relying on Logwire low-code development platform, provides collaborative services and functional construction from the whole project process.

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Logwire SaaS

Based on the Logwire platform, the secondary development of SaaS products Logwire TMS, Logwire WMS, Logwire BMS and Logwire Adapter.

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Who are we?

Shanghai GREA Technology is a professional logistics informatization technology company which runs deep in logistics management, and our headquarters are located in Shanghai. As a leader in high-end transportation market of solution and implementation, we have diverse logistics management Informationalized products, abundant experience in sysytem implementation and ability of supply chain administrative consulting. Besides, we have built several solutions to match different bussiness fields such as high-technology, auto manufacture, logistics, express delivery, retail, chemical industry, medicial health, architecture, etc.

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Empower various industries to digitalize logistics management

GREA's rich system implementation experience and supply chain consulting ability bring one-stop OTWB solutions to the high-tech industry, support the global construction of efficient circulation and logistics throughout its business process, and meet the needs of logistics management for multi-brand and multi-channel business development in the high-tech industry.

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Auto Manufacture

GREA provides first-class integrated digitalization logistics solutions for the automobile manufacturing industry, covering component entry logistics, spare parts logistics, vehicle logistics, etc. At the same time, training services can also be provided to customers to ensure the normal operation and operation of the system in the later stage.

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GREA provides a complete end-to-end contract logistics information solution for 3PL service providers, and personalizedly configures the online system for different logistics transportation scenarios, so as to meet the complex transportation needs of contract logistics.

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Express Delivery

With senior industry experience, GREA has built a comprehensive and complete express delivery solution. The business scope covers the feeder and trunk transportation of express delivery enterprises to help express delivery enterprise customers cope with the demanding business execution and management challenges brought about by the rapid development of the industry.

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GREA provides integrated digitalization logistics transportation and warehousing solutions for customers in the fast-moving retail goods industry. It can also create the characteristics of the e-commerce industry, especially suitable for clothing and shoes, food, tobacco and alcohol, maternal and infant books and other categories of goods.

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Chemical Industry

GREA's transportation solutions for the energy and chemical industry integrate a variety of online systems such as demand forecasting system, TTS storage tank level monitoring system, ERP finance, GIS system, etc., which can help enterprises achieve transparent management of distribution process and real industrial and financial integration.

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Medical Health

In view of the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, GREA creates a refined and intelligent logistics management platform for it, helps pharmaceutical enterprises standardize all links of pharmaceutical operations, realizes the comprehensive upgrading of transportation management capabilities, improves management efficiency, and reduces mistakes, so as to better serve the society.

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GREA provides fine management and control logistics solutions for customers in the home building materials industry. Based on the existing actual business, it can create a multi-scene and standardized transportation management platform to provide customers with high-quality services while helping the supply chain achieve full-chain management and improve quality and efficiency.

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How to make your enterprise logistics management more satisfying?
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