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Logwire Adapter

Logwire Adapter

Logwire Adapter is a comprehensive data processing tool. It integrates data from different sources, formats, and features to provide comprehensive data sharing for enterprises.
Its main function lies in the conversion between data and various formats of files, data exchange with various interfaces or middleware, and integration with third-party systems, including Ding Talk, Wechat, Mailbox, etc.
Product Features
Quick Configuration
Interface protocols, Mapping rules, and import and export formats are configured on the page without coding.
Quick Development
Quick Effect
No need to restart the server, taken authentication increases the security of transmission.
Support for Asynchronous Processing
Asynchronously processing interface or import, export data.
Third-party Integration
Integrate Ding Talk, Wechat and Mail Server to push messages.
System Functions
Data Integration
Message Integration
Ding Talk Integration