Empower various industries to digitalize logistics management
Business Cooperation
Hanyu International Logistics is a comprehensive modern logistics enterprise focusing on providing customers with integrated supply chain management solutions. The company is mainly engaged in goods transportation, warehousing and distribution management, international freight forwarding, customs declaration and inspection declaration, supply chain management, logistics trade and cargo packaging and other services throughout the country. The registered capital is 60 million yuan, and the company has nearly 600 employees. After nearly 15 years of development, the storage area has reached 200,000 square meters, customer satisfaction is as high as 98%, and more than 20 customers are the world's top 500 enterprises. In order to improve the quality of service to customers, Hanyu joined hands with the transporter to upgrade the TMS system again and enter the logistics digitization process.

In this cooperation, GREA mainly designed targeted solutions for Hanyu's original complex billing, unclear job division of labor, low offline manual operation efficiency and other problems. Through the TMS system, the original offline communication was transformed into online, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve customer stickiness, improve customer experience, provide convenience for customers, and finally achieve the goal of supply chain coordination.

After Hanyu carried out digital reform with the help of GREA, the business philosophy of "Hanyu Logistics, Serving the World" was further reflected. With the continuous improvement of the company's service capacity and level, Hanyu shares the development results of modern refined logistics with customers with "more professional, more efficient, better and considerate" services, so that the enterprise supply chain has no worries.