Rich digitalization supports and services in logistics
Business Cooperation
GREA Services
GREA Technology has built a comprehensive consulting service and technical service system based on the Logwire APaaS platform. It is committed to providing customers with professional information services from business pain points to solution implementation, helping customers focus on management improvement and process optimization, and efficiently respond to business changes.
Consulting Services
Industry Solutions
Continuous Business Improvement
Supply Chain Integration
GREA has many successful cases in high-tech, automobile, logistics, express delivery, retail, chemical industry, medicial health, architecture and other industries. Based on the accumulated mature industry solutions, GREA consulting team will deeply combine the customer's business characteristics and management demands, and cooperate with customers to build an enterprise logistics digital management system. GREA team will help customers continuously improve their ability to change and agile informatization iteration, and continuously enhance their efficiency of in-depth business and data integration upstream and downstream of the supply chain.
Technical Services
Based on Logwire platform products, the technical implementation team will carry out accurate project customization development and implementation according to customer business characteristics, and enhance the high coupling of information systems and business models. Out-of-the-box logistics SaaS products further lower the technical threshold for customers to use the system and improve the ability of business departments to use the system independently to enhance their business. At the same time, the APaaS low-code application development platform will serve the customer's technical team, enhance the team's development efficiency, shorten the development cycle, optimize the test process, and greatly improve the ability to respond to business requirements.
Customized project development and implementation
Out-of-the-box logistics SaaS products
APaaS low-code application development platform
Maintenance Services
System Security Maintenance
Version Upgrade Management
Agile Demand Handling
GREA's independent maintenance team will provide a complete operation and maintenance service system based on the Logwire Cloud platform to realize the full hosting and operation and maintenance automation of the system, and minimize the operation and maintenance burden of enterprises. The Logwire Cloud platform can be planned and automatically implemented by customers to customize the system testing, functional upgrades and system version release, and quickly respond to customer feedback questions or needs. Customers can monitor the resolution status and release of all the problems raised through the platform monitoring system, and timely position technicians for two-way effective communication, so as to achieve a high degree of transparency from demand to delivery.