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Logwire WMS

Logwire WMS

The Grea Logwire WMS product is a warehousing management information system independently developed by Grea Technology based on the Logwire platform architecture. It is mainly aimed at the logistics and warehousing market, supporting enterprise logistics and logistics enterprise customers. The system covers a variety of warehouse management modes and forms such as third-party warehouses, manufacturing warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, cross-border warehouses, and supports the storage management of market segments, such as shoes and clothing, medicine, general merchandise, food, 3C, manufactured products/raw materials, and other goods types.
Logwire WMS provides a set of standard warehouse operation SOP for enterprise warehouses and third-party warehouses. The management can be extensive and refined, and it can be seamlessly connected with automated warehouse equipment to achieve intelligent warehouse management and further increase efficiency and reduce costs. It is efficient to accelerate the rapid landing of the project and provide effective supporting tools and services to support the operation and maintenance of the system in the later stage.
Product Features
Best Practices
Through domestic best practices, integrated international design concepts and management ideas are designed based on third-party logistics business: support multi-warehouse, multi-client and multi-owner management, and can also be configured to adapt to manufacturing and commodity circulation enterprises, as well as third-party logistics industry.
Fully integrate wireless handheld terminals, and have a wireless handheld terminal development platform based on HTML5 technology to minimize the cost and cycle of system integration and maintenance
Customers can configure logistics operation strategy by themselves, control key work (shelf, distribution, etc.), push operation mode, reduce unnecessary movement of personnel, improve operation efficiency and warehouse turnover time
The product is designed based on Saas architecture, and supports localized deployment, two places, three centers, high availability and other deployment methods. It can support the stable use of high-concurrency and high-traffic services. At the same time, IOT interface is reserved, which can be integrated with AS/RS, AGVRFID and voice equipment
System Functions
Order Allocation, Order Processing, Order Tracking and Transfer
Purchase order, Reservation, Receiving, Shelving, Cross Dock
Outbound order, Wave, Pick, Pack, Delivery
Move, Count, Adjust and Transfer
Inbound/Outbound Strategy, Wave Strategy, Batch Rule, Mixing Rule, Picking Strategy