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Jianhua Logistics
In order to respond to national policies, establish a transportation capacity pool to ensure sufficient transportation capacity, and meet the needs of enterprise development and transformation, Jianhua joins hands with GREA to create a multi-scenario and standardized transportation management platform based on the existing actual business. With the unremitting efforts GREA and the support of Jianhua Logistics, it took 6 months to successfully launch the system. Since the trial operation of the platform, online customers have remained stable and growing. The processing of data can meet the needs of business scenarios, and the project has been successfully completed.

Founded in 2003, Jianhua Logistics Group has a registered capital of 140 million yuan. It is a domestic 5A logistics enterprise, a national 3A comprehensive credit rating enterprise, and an executive director of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. At present, Jianhua has established five major areas in East China, North China, Central China, South China and Northeast China, covering the whole country. The group is committed to providing one-stop comprehensive logistics services for customers to help the quality and efficiency of the supply chain.

The launch of the Jianhua network freight platform project has digitized the group's business and standardized the process, greatly improved the comprehensiveness, authenticity and effectiveness of information collection, and realized the business model of expanding to more social businesses based on the service group's business. At the same time, it also meets the intelligent and informatization needs of Jianhua Logistics for business and management, laying a good foundation for expanding the automotive aftermarket based on external transportation pools in the future.