Starting from the digitalization of the whole scene of logistics
Business Cooperation
Logwire Cloud

Logwire Cloud

Logwire Cloud,as one-stop enterprise collaborative development cloud platform, relying on Logwire low-code development platform, provides collaborative services and functional construction from the whole project process of "requirements → planning → development → testing → release → operation and maintenance → feedback".
The platform introduces project management, agile research and development, integration testing, DevOps and other concepts into express, warehousing and other large enterprises, supports the collaborative project management and code development of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, and empower enterprises to rapidly innovate and iteration projects and upgrade the efficiency in the development stage.
Product Features
Agile Development Management
Fully supported the agile methods of " Kanban" and "Scrum", the project flexibly planned each iteration sprint around the project goals. Real-time data feedback makes plan changes more timely, and team members actively respond to changes to continuously deliver business value.
Project Lifecycle Management
Support the whole IT project lifecycle management from requirements, planning, development, testing, release, operation and maintenance, feedback, so that the project delivery and support to complete the perfect connection.
ISV product Ecosystem
Gather software developers with rich experience in the logistics industry, iterate product modules online throughout the process, and seamlessly connect customer projects.
Multi-party Community
Connect product ISVs, platform consultants, customers and other resources to jointly create a professional, orderly, efficient and safe collaborative interactive platform.
System Functions
Enterprise Registration
Manage Account, Organization, Order, Org-label,Enterprise Notification, Enterprise Settings, etc.
Project Management Tool
Manage Feedback, Project Label, Kanban, Sprint, Burnout Chart, Full-text Search, Milestones, Release Planning, Comment, Multi-channel Notification, etc.
Document Management
Project File, Online UML, Online Knowledge Base, etc.
Project Environment
Custom Domain Name, Dependency Packages, Runtime Management, Code Management, Devops, etc.
Automated Testing
Interface Use Case, UI Use Case, Test Plan, Test Report, etc.
Low-code Development
Online Code Debugging, Online UI Design, etc.
Feedback Management
Manage Comment, Feedback, Processing Center, Progress Tracking, Multi-channel Notifications, etc.
Account Management
Invite Accounts, Manage Roles, Permissions Settings, etc.
Monitor Login, Environment, Nodes, etc.
Platform Function
Faq, Academy, Consultant, etc.