Starting from the digitalization of the whole scene of logistics
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Logwire TMS

Logwire TMS

Logwire Transportation Management System is committed to providing end-to-end solutions, through the integration with related systems and IoT devices, to provide a refined real-time collaborative information platform to help enterprises digital upgrade. In this way, enterprises can achieve compliance and control of logistics transportation and reduce cost and increase efficiency.
Logwire TMS supports the transportation of various types of goods, such as ordinary goods, dangerous goods, cold chain, etc., and supports a variety of different modes of transportation, such as truckload, less-than-truckload, express , air, sea, railway,pipeline etc., to meet the logistics scenario requirements of various industries, such as parts inbound logistics, finished vehicle logistics, express industry, third-party logistics, international logistics, etc.
Product Features
Based on Internet
With Internet browser access, no need to install client software.
Support Saas Cloud Service
Zero deployment, zero maintenance. Automatic upgrade, and continuous access to value services.
Users can set personal preferences, such as system style, font, color, etc.
Global data model
Internationalization settings for multiple languages, currencies, time zones and exchange rates.
System Integration
Support various interface protocols and messages format.
Multi-level Structure
Realize enterprise-level management through parent-child domain. Data between different domains at the same level are isolated from each other.
System Functions
Master Data
Participant, Location, Facility, Itinerary, Capacity, Material, Calendar
Tendering & Bidding
Tendering, Bidding, Sourcing
Order Management
Order Base, Order Release
Order Split, Itinerary, Intelligent Stowage, Route Optimization, Assign Carrier
Carrier Collaboration
Dispatch, Capacity Reporting, Expense Application, KPI
Track & Trace
Current location, Transportation Track, Enroute Inventory, Transportation Event, Receipt
Billing Management
Automatic Billing, Automatic Reconciliation, Invoicing Application, Automatic Payment, Invoicing Write-off
Business Intelligence
Pie chart, Line chart, Dashboard, Scatter Chart, Histogram, etc.
Fleet Management
Organization, Costs, Maintenance, Accident, Parts Inventory
Process Definition, Process Monitoring, To-do List, Finished List