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Logwire YMS

Logwire YMS

Logwire YMS is a yard management product, which is applied to major logistics parks and provides managers with reliable and efficient information tools. It mainly realizes the functions of vehicle access management, queuing, vehicle guidance, platform operation, etc.
By solving the problems of unbalanced allocation of station platform resources, low utilization, untimely communication, and ineffective linkage between transportation and storage, the yard management will be more standardized and effective.
Product Features
IOT Device Integration
Including but not limited to gate brake, camera, infrared, weighometer, etc. Automatically collect node data of vehicles and warehouses in the process of execution
Mini Apps Operation
Operators of operations in the park, including gatekeepers, drivers and warehouse keepers, are provided with mini programs or official accounts for mobile terminal operation
Data Analysis
Count the average waiting time of vehicles, the average operation time of the platform, etc.
Personalized Configuration
Provides a variety of reservation methods, queue calculation rules and process flow configuration
Process Visualization
The whole process of booking, signing in, queuing and calling, entering, loading and unloading and leaving can be seen
System Functions
Platform Reservation
Queue to Call
Transportation Inspection
Entrance Examination
Kanban Display