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Shanghai GREA Technology is a professional logistics informatization technology company which runs deep in logistics management, and our headquarters are located in Shanghai. As a leader in high-end transportation market of solution and implementation, we have diverse logistics management Informationalized products, abundant experience in sysytem implementation and ability of supply chain administrative consulting. Besides, we have built several solutions to match different bussiness fields such as high-tech, automobile, logistics, express delivery, retail, chemical industry, medicial health, architecture, etc.

According to various customized needs put forward by customers, GREA Technology has precipitated a number of configuration integration solutions to meet the requirements of enterprises for Pallet Building, Milk-run Optimization, 3D Load Optimization, Dock and Yard management, In-transit Inventory Visibility, BI and other logistics applications. In addition, GREA team has also developed a flexible and configurable interface adapter Logwire Adapter, which uses a variety of protocols to connect WMS, ERP, FIN, Portal, Mobile APP, WeChat, GPS, GIS, SMS, Email, Vendor System, urban distribution route optimization and other systems, in addition to access control, pound, thermometer and other devices. In the process of project implementation, we have also customized and developed various functional modules such as vehicle repair and maintenance, component management, large screen Kanban, PDA, mobile APP, WeChat, etc. for customers to ensure that the system covers business needs in an all-round way and better supports business operations.

On average, team members have
years of experience in logistics informatization consulting, development and implementation
The core members of the company work together more than
Serviced customer logistics informatization
Stable and continuous operation of the system, project launch rate, online rate

The company has gathered a group of experienced and tacit logistics informatization expert consultants, and the team members have an average of 8 to 15 years of experience in logistics informatization consulting, development and implementation. The core members of the company have worked together for more than 6 years, and the customer logistics information system has served has operated steadily and continuously, with a project launch rate and online rate of 100%. Since the establishment of the company, the turnover rate of core members has been zero, and the team members have a common goal to improve in the field of logistics informatization.

At present, the company has provided continuous, stable and high-level logistics transportation information consulting and system implementation, operation and maintenance services for many well-known large enterprises and foreign enterprises and logistics enterprises at home and abroad, including DHL, Huawei, China Foreign Transportation, SAIC Group, Jiannanchun, Chuanyin Holdings, Chang'an Minsheng, Yunda and other world's top 500 or industry leaders. In the process of cooperating with these excellent enterprises, the transporter is committed to helping customers continuously improve their logistics management level and improve their competitiveness in related industries. It has been well received by customers, and finally established a long-term strategic partnership with some customers.

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Our Vision
Become the world's leading logistics information technology company.
Innovative Heart
Insist on Artisan Spirit
It is not only the company's slogan, but also persistence flowing in the blood of every employee.
Craftsmanship Spirit
It is willing to provide customers with more than demand services, be willing to work tirelessly for 1% promotion, and be willing to devote enthusiasm to this cause.
Logistics Management Consulting Expert
Job Description
1. More than 8 years of management experience in the logistics industry,with Solutions or consulting background;
2. Cooperate with sales personnel to carry out pre-sales work support, including: business plan consultation and communication, plan consultation document writing, etc.;
3. Responsible for the contact and communication of customers in the early stage of the project, and establish a long-term and efficient interaction with the target customers;
Sales Manager
Job Description
1. Have sales experience in the software industry, understand customer needs, and complete regional sales targets;
2. Responsible for completing the sales process, including customer research, program preparation, business negotiation, contract signing, customer relationship maintenance, etc.
3. Promote the company's brand and expand the market share of the company's products;
Project Manager
Job Description
1. More than 3 years of project management experience, participated in large-scale TMS and WMS implementation projects, familiar with project management tools, including resource decomposition plan WBS, project progress management, project management, risk control, delivery and acceptance;
2. Responsible for the project budget and implementation plan, coordinate resources and promote project implementation as planned, be responsible for tracking and managing project progress, and ensuring the achievement of project objectives;
3. Responsible for investigating and analyzing customer informatization needs, and controlling the scope, time, quality and cost of the project;
Test Supervisor
Job Description
1. More than 5 years of test experience, more than 3 years & more than 10 years of test team management experience;
2. Responsible for the follow-up and reporting of the test work of each project, and be fully responsible for the quality of the system;
3. Responsible for the formation of the test team and the cultivation and motivation of team members, and improve the team's test skills and efficiency;
4. Responsible for the follow-up and reporting of the test work of each project, and be fully responsible for the quality of the system;
Implementation Consultant
Job Description
1. Responsible for providing support to customers, including high-level customer interviews and research, demand analysis, program formulation and communication;
2. Provide customers with enterprise information strategy planning, consulting services, participation in project technology and professional assessment and risk control;
3. Ensure the normal progress of the project and do a good job in the operation and maintenance of the existing system;
Technical Support and Trainers
Job Description
1. Write technical documents of the company's development framework platform and related systems;
2. Write an example program for the company's development framework platform;
3. Provide employees with training and Q&A for the development framework platform and related systems;
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23rd Floor, No. 1699 Gubei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
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