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Logwire LBS

Logwire LBS

Logwire LBS is a product that generates services based on geographical location. Through interfaces with GPS suppliers, the longitude and latitude of vehicles can be obtained, and various functions such as vehicle in-transit position visualization, driving track playback, in-transit dynamic warning, behavior analysis, etc. can be realized.
Solve the problems of low transparency of in-transit information and insufficient vehicle utilization and realize visual and transparent management, and reduce enterprise operation and management costs.
Product Features
GPS Data Access
GPS Data access from GPS suppliers includes G7,Sinoiov,E6 ,etc through interface by HTTP,808,809,etc mode of protocols.
Multi-dimensional Monitoring
GPS data can be viewed from multiple dimensions such as goods, order, shipment, vehicles, etc.
GPS Data Cleaning
For abnormal data caused by equipment, signal and other reasons, LBS will automatically recognizes and exclude it, and then present a complete tracking track.
GPS Data Analysis
Centralized analysis of massive GPS data, including vehicle overspeed, idling, abnormal parking and other violations.
System Functions
Master Data
Party, Location, Facility, Itinerary, Capacity, Material, Calendar
GPS Data Analysis
Speeding event judgment, Equipment offline monitoring
In-transit Location
Vehicle distribution map, Current vehicle location
Track Playback
Vehicle and vessel track
Dynamic Warning
Exception warning, Delay warning
Abnormal Events
Overspeed, Idle speed, Abnormal stay, Abnormal weather, etc.
Report View
Route coverage, Equipment offline ratey