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Logwire BMS

Logwire BMS

Logwire BMS is a combination of the complex charging logic and scene, after years of different scenarios in different industries , to create a charging engine for all information based personnel to quickly configure charging logic. Coverage includes billing, expense write-off, billing anomaly reminder, custom billing, automatic reconciliation, revenue and cost analysis and other functions.
Through the close combination with Logwire TMS, transport data into settlement data, cooperate with enterprises and customers, suppliers online automatic billing, automatic reconciliation, payment, verification of the settlement process, to achieve the real integration of industry and finance. Through cost allocation, profit analysis, help enterprises to provide new management ideas.
Product Features
Quick Configuration
You can configure charging protocols, rules, and rates on the page without writing code.
Customized Billing Template
Configure different billing templates for different customers.
Automatic Reconciliation
Provide API access to user bills, match system billing results, and realize automatic reconciliation.
Charge Against
Recost and write off historical data for abnormal expenses.
Billing Log
You can use accounting logs to view the accounting process and accounting failure causes.
System Functions
Billing Master Data
fee name, billing information, organization, currency, exchange rate
Billing Configuration
billing protocol, billing rule, billing rate, and billing transaction
Accounting Log
accounting process, accounting result, and accounting failure cause