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Good news! Warm congratulations to GREA Technology on winning the recognition of "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise"


Recently, GREA Technology has successfully passed the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai with its innovative ability in the field of logistics and digitalization. High-tech enterprises refer to the industry-leading level of enterprises in independent intellectual property rights, organizational management level of technology research and development, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, growth indicators, etc. Since its establishment, GREA has focused on the research and development of logistics information products. This time, it has been able to win the title of "High-tech Enterprise". We also thank the industry and society for affirming the R&D ability of Yunjiang’s technology.

Founded in September 2015, Shanghai GREA Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise committed to building the most professional logistics information management platform, with customer service as the core and through the Internet and Internet of Things technology to help customers open source, save money and efficiency. So far, the company has provided continuous, stable and high-level logistics management information consulting and system implementation, operation and maintenance services for many well-known large enterprises and logistics enterprises at home and abroad.

The core team of GREA comes from Hitachi Consulting, following the innovative spirit of Japanese technology companies and the quality of intellectual property protection. Through independent innovation, we have independently developed and obtained 16 computer software copyrights, 16 R&D projects involved in the past three years, 12 implementation achievement transformation projects, and an average annual conversion of more than 4 projects. The company has a technical research and development department, and has formulated a financial management system for R&D investment accounting to train scientific and technological personnel, reward their contributions to scientific and technological achievements, improve their enthusiasm for scientific research, and finally achieve good research and development results.

"High-tech enterprises" are both an honor and a responsibility. GREA will take this as a new starting point, stay true to the original aspiration, continue to adhere to the concept of technology first and continuous innovation, strive to move towards a higher level of technology and service, and continue to promote the development of logistics digital reform.