Business Cooperation

Congratulations on the official launch of the transportation management TMS system of the warehousing center of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group


Recently, the transportation management system of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Warehousing Center was officially launched!

The purpose of this information reform is to create a finished product transportation system covering Yangtze River Pharmaceutical in an all-round way, and to build a logistics and financial integration platform to support general warehouses, warehouses, subsidiaries and customer units. Through centralized training and the strategy of going online in batches, GREA has successfully iterated all Yangtze River’s own systems into the GREA Logwire TMS system in a short five-month implementation cycle.

Founded in 1971, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group is a large Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise group that combines industry, university and research, and integrates science, industry and trade. It is also the first batch of innovative enterprises in China named by the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, there are more than 16,000 employees, with total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan, covering a total area of about 2 million square meters. It has more than 20 member companies in Taizhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places. Its marketing network covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Taiwan. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical has always hoped to apply a rigorous and efficient transportation management system to its pharmaceutical transportation business through the digital reform of logistics.

The new system built by GREA has the functions of automatic document generation, online feedback, and the visualization of the whole process of in-transit information. It opens upstream and downstream logistics and transportation links to ensure that drugs can arrive on time during transportation. At the same time, it also provides comprehensive, real-time, transparent, accurate and flexible high-quality information support for the analysis and decision-making of the company’s management to achieve the goal of operational transportation industry and financial integration in the whole process.

This cooperation not only helps the digital transformation of logistics management of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, but also a milestone for GREA to enter the pharmaceutical industry. GREA will continue to work hard to actively expand solutions, deeply cultivate the market, serve the industry, and promote the digital development of logistics in the pharmaceutical industry.