Business Cooperation

Congratulations on the official launch of the first phase of the LOXA TMS platform project


The first phase of the Loxa TMS platform project has been successfully launched!

Loxa, one of the "six strategic pillar industries" of Foton Motor Group, provides customers with intelligent solutions for the full value chain based on the global advantageous resources of Foton Motor and on the basis of high-precision platforms created by scientific and technological resources such as Daimler in Germany and Cummins of the United States. At the same time, a collectivized company was established in June 2020 to expand the special vehicle, medical technology, commerce, overseas and other business sectors, and build a global area, block and chain industrial ecosystem integrating machine manufacturing, professional modification, core parts, and Loxa product aftermarket.

With the rapid development of Loxa business, it is difficult to meet the demand of the entrusted logistics system originally used. In order to quickly deliver the market, the logistics department effectively organizes transportation, and the warehousing department accurately counts the inventory. At the same time, Loxa will strengthen the digital management of warehousing and transportation of the whole vehicle, give full play to the collectivized operation structure, and decide to build an integrated logistics intelligent management system with full service value chain.

After layers of screening the supplier’s industry experience and product maturity, Loxa finally chose to join hands with GREA to help upgrade its logistics management business module digitally.

With rich solution experience and mature products in the automotive industry, GREA quickly built an integrated logistics platform project including TMS and WMS for Loxa within 2 months. Help it realize the business integration control from the whole process of planned access, quality inspection and insurance, waybill management, in-way monitoring, abnormal management, delivery and receipt, receipt management, etc. Complete the digital upgrading goal of online and transparent business management, automation and paperless on-site operation, real-time and shared data control, and initially built an integrated management platform for unified collaborative operation of sales, production and logistics, laying a solid foundation for the optimization and improvement of the second stage. In the future, GREA and Loxa will continue to deepen their cooperation, jointly create an industry-leading intelligent logistics management benchmark project, and realize the intelligent upgrading of logistics business.