Business Cooperation

GREA Technology successfully signed a contract with Anta Group, the world's leading sporting goods company!


Recently, GREA Technology officially signed a contract with Anta Group to help it realize the transformation of logistics information management.

Anta Group is a comprehensive and multi-brand sports goods group specializing in the design, production and sales of sports shoes, clothing, accessories and other sports equipment. The company was founded in 1991 and listed in Hong Kong in 2007. Since 2015, Anta Group has been the largest sports goods group in China, with a market value of more than 170 billion Hong Kong dollars in August 2019, ranking third in the global sporting goods industry. THE GROUP HAS MANY WELL-KNOWN CHINESE AND INTERNATIONAL SPORTS BRANDS SUCH AS ANTA ANTA (CHINA), FILA (ITALY), DISANT DESCENTE (JAPAN), COLON KOLON (KORE KOREA), ETC. TO FULLY MEET THE DIVERSIFIED NEEDS OF CONSUMERS.

Anta Group responded to the increasing competition in the sports goods industry at home and abroad, as well as the 10-year "100 billion plan" goal set by Anta Group. Therefore, it was decided to improve the logistics service ability as the core competitiveness of the group through information construction, support multi-brand business, meet the transportation needs of Anta Logistics, improve the efficiency of transportation management while reducing transportation management costs.

In order to meet the increasingly stringent internal management refinement level and strategic support requirements, Anta Group screened the supplier’s product maturity and professional implementation capabilities layer by layer, and finally chose to work with GREA to create an advanced transportation management information system platform for it.

Anta Group’s brand slogan is "Keep Moving". I hope that the cooperation between the two sides can continue smoothly, so that the project can be launched as soon as possible and achieve a complete success.