Business Cooperation

The first phase of the intelligent logistics management system created by Bosch and GREA was successfully launched, and the second phase was officially launched!


As one of the world’s top 500 enterprises and the world’s largest automotive technology supplier, Bosch’s business scope covers four major sectors: automobile and intelligent transportation technology, energy and construction technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods. It has the world’s top core technology in various key links, and is in a leading position in Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of the supply chain.

Recently, Bosch China United GREA Technology held the launch celebration ceremony of the first phase of the "Bosch Intelligent Transportation System" at Bosch Shanghai headquarters. After five months of efforts by the project team, the system switched to the launch in four pilot factories at the same time. This time, Bosch chose the GREA Logwire Transportation Management System (hereinafter referred to as TMS) as the core system to better match its rapid development of its domestic business, and at the same time to create a new generation of TMS logistics and transportation management system to better support customer needs. The new system will realize interconnection with SAP, carriers and other systems, and build an integrated management from order to financial settlement. The goal will be extended to 26 factories in China to achieve lean operation of logistics and transportation, thus reducing the transportation costs of each factory.

This launch has completed the first important task node: take Bosch Rexroth’s four factories as the pilot phase to build a new collectivized TMS system. In the future, it will be popularized in 22 other factories across Bosch to support the standardized operation of logistics and transportation across the group.

Bosch China and GREA Technology will continue to deepen their cooperation in the future. The launch of the first phase has laid a solid foundation for follow-up promotion, and will also promote the two sides to jointly build an industry-leading intelligent logistics management system and promote the digital transformation and innovation of the industry.

In addition, Milk-Run circular pickup information management has entered the trial operation stage. The circular pick-up line of Bosch Changsha Factory is used as a pilot construction, changing the original fixed shuttle bus mode, dynamically planning routes according to the real-time needs of the business, and using information-based intelligent means to help further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Now the second phase of the project has been officially launched, and the preparatory work is being carried out in a intensive and orderly manner. It is expected to be extended to other factories nationwide from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. Looking forward to the smooth progress and successful implementation of the second phase of the project!