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GAC Business · Logistics Intelligent Phase II Project and After-sales Logistics System Launch Ceremony


On October 22, the launch ceremony of the second phase of the GAC Business and Logistics Intelligent Project and the launch ceremony of the after-sales Logistics System was successfully held at the GAC Business and Logistics Intelligent Command Center.

Yan Jianming, General Manager of GAC Commerce and Trade, Li Yong, Deputy General Manager of GAC Passenger Cars, General Manager of GAC Trumpchi Sales Company, Zheng Chunqi, Deputy General Manager of GAC Ai’an, Wu Daqing, Deputy General Manager of Dasheng Technology, Wang Ke and Li Xin, Deputy General Manager of GAC Commerce and Trade, Kevin Chen, CEO of GREA Technology, representatives of relevant departments of GAC Commerce and investment enterprises in the field of logistics attended the event.

At the launch conference of the second phase of GAC Business Intelligence, GAC leaders and relevant leaders expressed warm congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the successful launch of this project and the efforts of the project team. It is hoped that GAC Commerce will make full use of the logistics intelligent system to provide more convenient, efficient and high-quality logistics distribution services for car owners and dealers, improve customer satisfaction, and help the GAC industry reach a new level.

The GAC Commerce and Logistics Intelligent Project is an important measure for GAC Commerce to achieve a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, and an important starting point to help the mainframe factory build core competitiveness and realize the strategy of empowering the main industry.

In order to promote the intelligent and information development of GAC commerce, realize the digitalization, visualization and intelligent management of the whole logistics sector, and realize resource integration and sector linkage, GAC Commerce finally chose GREA with rich experience in the automotive industry to build an after-sales logistics sector for it to promote its overall intelligent logistics development.

In the second phase of the project, GREA created an integrated after-sales logistics management system by improving the overall refinement level of after-sales service, realizing the whole process QR code management, optimizing and integrating the after-sales logistics business process, so as to accurately control and implement the operation process of each link. It plays an important role in improving efficiency, quality and intelligent control in an all-round way.

Now the second phase of the project has been officially launched. As the contractor and pilot enterprise of this project, GAC Commercial Logistics will carry out the promotion and implementation of the "unified platform" in GAC commercial investment enterprises in the future to help the group improve its business ability with digitalization. GREA will continue to help GAC promote the digital transformation strategy, continuously improve the quality of logistics services, strengthen innovative application capabilities, and become a first-class automotive ecological service provider with core competitiveness in China. We look forward to more in-depth cooperation between GAC Commerce and GERA Technology.