Business Cooperation

Congratulations on the official launch of the Yard Management System (YMS) of the internationally renowned beer brewing group


Recently, the internationally renowned beer brewing group’s Yard Management System (YMS) was officially launched in Yibin Factory!

The Beer Group is one of the world’s leading beer brewers. It has 41,000 employees, including beer and other beverage brands. Its products sell well in more than 150 markets around the world. Its beer brand ranks among the eight major brands in Europe.

This project is based on GREA’s Logwire logistics technology platform and data integration tool Adapter. According to the group’s business needs, it builds an exclusive vehicle reservation management platform to help enterprises improve vehicle management efficiency and enhance the coordination and communication ability in the factory. Promote the construction and digital transformation of informatization in the factory, reduce costs and increase efficiency for the group, and improve the competitiveness of the group.

With rich informatization experience in the logistics and transportation industry, GREA project team successfully took over the in-plant vehicle arrangement tasks of Yibin Factory within 3 months, dividing the interior and outside the factory into five regions.

The Yard Management System (YMS) can help logistics vehicles effectively improve the loading efficiency after arriving at the factory, greatly reduce the workload of on-site operators, and make reasonable and efficient use of loading and unloading resources in the factory. Through collaborative support such as PC, APP and WeChat applet, convenient on-site queuing service is provided for vehicles present, vehicles are intelligently managed, the waiting time of drivers in the factory is greatly shortened, and the congestion caused by queuing is reduced. At the same time, Adapter opens up the data interaction between different existing systems of the group and truly realizes the integration of the supply chain. It has significantly improved the management efficiency in the factory and promoted the digital transformation and upgrading of the group in the industry.

This time, with Yibin Factory as the pilot area of the first phase, GREA and the group will continue to deepen their cooperation, promote the Yard Management System (YMS) to other factories in the group, and jointly create an industry-leading group-wide standardized vehicle reservation management platform.