Business Cooperation

GREA Technology successfully signed a contract with the leading domestic medical device enterprise - Wego Group


Founded in 1988, Wego Group is currently committed to developing its main business, medical devices and medicine, covering an area of more than 6 million square meters, with more than 80 subsidiaries and 3 listed companies, with more than 30,000 employees. Wego Group has 12 industrial groups, with more than 1,000 varieties of medical devices and more than 150,000 specifications. Medical devices have entered 11 fields in the world’s top 15 market segments, and has become a global manufacturer of complete, safe, reliable and trustworthy overall solutions for medical systems.

Recently, the launch meeting of the logistics and transportation information (TMS) project of Wego Group was successfully held in Wego Industrial Park! Executives, business representatives, project team members, etc. of both sides attended the meeting.

In order to promote the construction of an integrated logistics and transportation management platform of Wego Group from multiple dimensions such as multi-scenario, globalization, automation and transparency, so as to realize resource integration. Wego Group chose GREA with rich practical experience in the medical device industry to build a logistics and transportation management platform for it.

The Wego Group TMS project is the first step for the group to realize the digital transformation of logistics. In the future, it will also complete the opening of the whole process of the logistics and transportation supply chain, improve the coordination efficiency of the supply chain, and truly achieve the compliance control and cost reduction and efficiency of enterprises for logistics and transportation.

In this meeting, agreement was reached on the work content of the main body of the project, such as the first launch of the project and the gradual improvement of the analysis function. It is planned that the Pharmaceutical Industry Group will launch a pilot first, and then promote it to other industrial groups under Wego to build a logistics big data management platform with real-time collaboration and integration of the whole group.

At present, the implementation of the Wego TMS project is being carried out in an orderly manner. I believe that through the unremitting efforts of the project teams of both sides, we will be able to go online as soon as possible and achieve a complete success.

GREA will continue to help the digital transformation of Wego Group and jointly create a leading digital transportation benchmark project in the medical device industry.