Business Cooperation

For the digital transformation service of leading motorcycle enterprises, GREA Technology helps the Yangtze River Group to build a whole vehicle sales logistics TMS management platform


Founded in January 1992, Changjiang Group Co., Ltd. is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China and the largest partner and export base of Japan Lingmu Co., Ltd. in China. The Haojue and SUZUKI series motorcycles produced, 100% adopt the most advanced international technical standards, not only sell well in China, but also export to more than 80 countries and regions.

Following the successful creation of a component recycling TMS system for the Great Yangtze River in 2020, the vehicle sales and logistics business was added in 2021, covering the existing logistics business order and operation execution links of the Yangtze River, including: plan delivery, planning, transportation scheduling, vehicle monitoring, logistics cost settlement, etc., which can provide logistics data support for the marketing system. Through the implementation of the TMS system, the timeliness and ability of contingency processing in logistics management have been improved, and all links are open and transparent, reducing the comprehensive cost of logistics.

Optimization results of each module of the project:

Factory shipping (factory → provincial warehouse) 1)Optimize the whole vehicle shipping process, and the optimization rate is expected to reach 58% 2)Significantly save the annual cost of personnel

Urban distribution (provincial treasury → retailer) 1)Standardize core nodes, realize data precipitation, and lay the foundation for data analysis 2)Open up the systems belonging to each organization and enhance the ability of logistics information services

E-commerce logistics (factory → provincial warehouse → retailer → consumer) 1)Realize order node tracking query function, order overdue unreceiving reminder function 2)Improve user experience and improve user satisfaction

Settlement module (saving treasury → retailer) 1)System automatically calculates standard expenses receivable and payable 2)The system updates the settlement progress in real time and verifies abnormalities

After five months, the Great Yangtze River Phase II vehicle logistics project was successfully launched according to the plan through the joint efforts of customers and GREA project team. The customer satisfaction was very high, which gave GREA project team full recognition. The project leader of the customer said, "This project is one of the most valuable projects of our group this year, which has made a good start for our group’s future business projects!"

At present, the second phase of the vehicle logistics project is being officially piloted in Changzhou Factory, and it is expected to be fully launched in other factories in mid-February. GREA will continue to help Yangtze River Group realize the standardization, standardization and refinement of distribution business, ensure the real-time, accuracy, consistency and high sharing of information in each business link, avoid process management risks, and strengthen the control ability of logistics providers, laying a solid foundation for the early realization of the digitalization of the whole supply chain of the Yangtze River Group.