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Cheer for the Winter Olympics! GREA Technology helps China's national team choose - Anta Group!


Anta Group is a comprehensive and multi-brand sports goods group specializing in the design, production and sales of sports shoes, clothing, accessories and other sports equipment. The company was founded in 1991 and listed in Hong Kong in 2007. In 2020, Anta Group’s revenue exceeded 35.5 billion yuan, an increase of 4.7% year-on-year, and maintained growth for seven consecutive years. Adhering to the development strategy of "single focus, multi-brand and globalization", Anta Group has become the third largest comprehensive sports goods group in the world, serving global consumers.

Anta Group responds to the expanding business demand, the continuous improvement of business process management requirements, and the 10-year "100 billion plan" goals set within the group. Therefore, it was decided to improve the logistics service ability as the core competitiveness of the group through information construction, support multi-brand business, meet the transportation needs of Anta Logistics, improve the efficiency of transportation management while reducing transportation management costs.

In order to meet the increasingly stringent internal management refinement level and strategic support requirements, Anta Group screened the supplier’s product maturity and professional implementation capabilities layer by layer, and finally chose GREA to create a digital and visual transportation management solution for it.

After Anta TMS is launched, it will improve Anta logistics and transportation management capabilities from six dimensions:

Support multi-mode collaboration, including carrier system docking and carrier direct operation of the transportation system;

Reduce data statistics time and invest more time in data analysis and business improvement;

Order inquiry is online, the process is clear, and the quotation process can be checked online when reconciling and settlement;

The transportation process is transparent, and the carrier, the transportation department and the sales department can view the information in transit in real time;

The system issues KPI reports to improve the efficiency of data statistics and facilitate the tracing of abnormal data sources;

Check the accuracy of the consignee/delivery place through handshake handover/electronic fence, etc. to increase the delivery accuracy.

After five months of efforts by the project team, a unified standard transportation management platform has been established based on the business situation of Antaduo brand/multi-factory/multi-warehouse. Deliver transportation tasks and feedback results in real time and efficiently, ensure the feedback speed and quality of data, build an integrated management from order to financial settlement, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

Now, the first phase of the project has been officially launched and put into trial operation, and the second phase of the project is unstop. It is hoped that the second phase of the project can be launched as scheduled and successfully, helping Anta Group become a public company with a modern governance structure and international competitiveness.