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Rave reviews! The second phase of the logistics intelligent management system created by Bosch and GREA was successfully launched!


Bosch, a century-old brand, is the world’s leading technology and service provider. It uses technology to achieve the beauty of life in the fields of automotive and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and building intelligence technology. It has the world’s top core technology in key links, and is in the leading position in Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of the supply chain.

After six months of unremitting efforts by the project team, the second phase of the Bosch TM2.0 project was launched as scheduled on March 1, extending the TM2.0 system from 5 factories pilot phase I to 21 other factories across the country. It has completed SAP system docking with 8 of them, completed the TMS system docking with all carriers, and built an "end-to-end" industrial and financial integration platform from order access, scheduling, tracking, feedback, arrival, billing to billing. At the same time, after the launch of the second phase of the scheduling optimization module, a variety of scheduling optimization functions such as zero load, vehicle, end collection, same city collection, regional collection, Spring Festival collection, etc., providing strong support for Bosch China’s further cost reduction and efficiency in logistics management.

As Bosch’s first localized SaaS project in China, the successful launch of the TM2.0 project has been strongly supported and highly recognized by all parties. The project team has won awards such as "2021 GS/OSD Best Team", "2021 RBCN Excellent Team" and "2021 Digital Pioneer award" within Bosch. It is hoped that TM2.0 can continue to help Bosch China’s digital strategy and contribute to the intelligent development of logistics.