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Good news! GREA Technology was successfully selected into the list of "specialized and new" enterprises in Shanghai in 2021


Recently, the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the Notice of the Shanghai Economic Information Technology Commission on Organizing and Recommending "Specialized and New" Enterprises in 2021, and announced the list of "specialized and new" enterprises in Shanghai in 2021. After expert review and comprehensive evaluation, GREA Technology was successfully selected into the list of enterprises.

"Specialized and innovative" enterprises refer to benchmark enterprises with specialization, refinement, characteristic and novel development characteristics, focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastery of key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency. At a time when the global economic environment is complex and changeable, "specialized" small and medium-sized enterprises are deeply engaged in professional fields, focusing on key technologies, and promoting product and technological innovation. It is a major project implemented by the state to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to take a professional, refined, characteristic and novel development road, enhance independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, constantly improve the development quality and level of small and medium-sized enterprises, and guide small and medium-sized enterprises to develop rapidly and healthily to the field of innovation.

As a professional logistics management information technology company, GREA Technology not only provides leading logistics management application software for the market, but also creates a digital tool for the development of independent and innovative products. At the same time, for high-tech, automotive, tripartite logistics, express express, fast-moving retail, energy and chemical industry, pharmaceutical health, building materials and other subdivision fields, a number of solutions matching business characteristics have been established.

GREA has always attached great importance to the research and development of independent products, and has obtained nearly 20 computer software copyrights. It has successfully provided continuous, stable and high-level logistics management information consulting, system implementation, operation and maintenance services for many well-known large enterprises and logistics enterprises at home and abroad.

This successful inclusion in the list of "specialized and new" enterprises in Shanghai is a recognition and affirmation of GREA Technology’s technical level, innovation ability and comprehensive strength.GREA Technology will always adhere to independent product research and development, continuously strengthen core technological innovation, actively promote the digital construction of China’s transportation industry, and help the majority of logistics enterprises achieve digital transformation.