Business Cooperation

The TMS management platform of the whole vehicle sales logistics of the Yangtze River has been launched to help the stable growth of the business


Founded in January 1992, Great Yangtze River Group Co., Ltd. is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China and the largest partner and export base of Suzuki Co., Ltd. in China. The Haojue and SUZUKI series motorcycles produced, 100% adopt the most advanced international technical standards, not only sell well in China, but also export to more than 80 countries and regions.

The whole vehicle sales logistics TMS management platform jointly created by GREA and the Great Yangtze River has been fully launched in factories around the country in February this year. The whole vehicle business process of the Great Yangtze River mainly includes the following four modules: factory delivery, urban distribution transportation, e-commerce logistics, and billing settlement. Next, let’s take a look at what changes have brought to the Great Yangtze River after the project was launched~

  1. Factory shipping process

58% process optimization rate - the factory shipping process has a total of 17 main process nodes and 10 optimized main process nodes (7 of which informatization brings efficiency improvements).

33.3% node optimization rate - reduce the cost of logistics companies responsible for on-site services, vehicle scheduling, tracking and other personnel, and optimize the original nine process nodes to six (of which 2 are reduced and the system will be automatically completed).

  1. Urban distribution transportation process

53% node optimization rate - a total of 15 core nodes in the urban distribution transportation process, 9 core nodes are optimized (of which 3 are automatically completed by the system), 1 new node has been added, and the user experience and data precipitation of dealers have been increased.

Open up the systems of each organization and increase the capacity of logistics information services.

  1. E-commerce logistics process

11% node optimization rate - There are a total of 9 core nodes in the e-commerce logistics process. Through the system, 3 core nodes are automatically optimized (1 of which 1 will be added and 1 will be increased workload) to improve the user experience to increase the praise of online shopping.

The system controls the transportation nodes and reasonably plans the transportation process, and has the scale of e-commerce to improve the delivery punctuality rate and reduce the complaint rate.

  1. Billing Process

78% process optimization rate - the billing settlement process has a total of 14 process nodes and 11 optimized process nodes (7 of which are transferred from offline to online, and 3 are automatically completed by the system), and the billing process is more standardized and transparent.

The standard expenses receivable and payable are replaced from the original manual calculation with automatic settlement of the system, which effectively improves the fault tolerance rate and plays the role of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Benefit summary:

Improve the process optimization rate by 83%

Increase the automation rate by 10%

Reduce the time cost by 30%

Reduce labor costs by 30%

The launch of the project has greatly improved the logistics service level of the whole vehicle sales of the Great Yangtze River. It is hoped that in the future, GREA can carry out more in-depth cooperation with the Great Yangtze River Group to help the Great Yangtze River create sustainable value growth!