Business Cooperation

GREA Technology joins hands with Huafon Group to build an integrated transportation information platform


Good news: The launching ceremony of the "Huafon Logistics TMS Project" in cooperation between Huafon Group and GREA Technology was successfully held at Huafon headquarters in Wenzhou, Zhejiang! You Feihuang, Vice President of Huafon Group, You Xiaoling, Chairman of Huafon Synthesis Company, Chen Xuetong, Vice President of Huafon Group, Pan Li, Assistant General Manager of Huafon Group, Li Bin, IT Director of Huafon Group, Zhang Ziyi, Senior Vice President of GREA Technology, and relevant members of the project team attended the launching ceremony.

Founded in 1991, Huafon Group is one of the top 500 enterprises in China focusing on new chemical materials. The group now has industrial bases and sales companies in six provinces and cities in China and many countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. It has more than 50 wholly-owned or holding companies and more than 16,000 employees. It is the world’s main production and marketing enterprise of polyurethane products. The industry is involved in the four advanced manufacturing industries of "polyurethane, polyamide, aluminum foil materials and degradable plastics" and the three major new industries of "smart home, digital economy and LNG", as well as logistics, finance, trade and other service fields.

Huafon Group attaches great importance to technological innovation and aims to become an "international first-class new material partner". With the continuous expansion of business requirements and the increasing diversity of external data sources of the group, the existing logistics system cannot support complex multimodal transportation management. To this end, Huafon Group chose to work with GREA Technology to create an information platform that can support the sustainable development of logistics business and management in the long term, improve the integrated management and monitoring of logistics of bidding, orders, domestic and foreign trade logistics, front warehouse management, billing settlement, and form a closed loop of the whole process management of the logistics supply chain to meet business needs, improve daily work efficiency, and finally realize the perception of Things, business digitization, intelligent management and the whole process visualization.

At this meeting, You Feihuang, vice president of Huafon Group, delivered a speech, hoping that the project team can unite, unify ideas, explore needs on the front line, seek common ground while reserving differences on the basis of the original system, attach importance to the cultivation of key functions and establish a standardized model, and make full preparations for the optimization and improvement of the future operation of Huafon Logistics.

As one of China’s top 500 enterprises, GREA will continue to help Huafon Group digitally upgrade its supply chain and jointly create a leading digital transportation benchmark project in the new chemical materials industry!