Business Cooperation

GREA Technology and S, the world's leading agricultural group, officially launched the "TMS System Project"


Recently, the launch meeting of the "TMS System Project" in cooperation between GREA Technology and S Company, the world’s leading agricultural group, was successfully held in Shanghai! Executives, business representatives, project team members, etc. of both sides attended the meeting.

S Company is China’s leading global agricultural technology enterprise, with business areas including plant protection, seeds, crop nutrition and digital agriculture. We are committed to bringing together global science and technology, focusing on local services, and providing advanced solutions for China’s agricultural modernization. The corporate vision is to "become the most innovative global company of agricultural science and technology in China" and its mission is to "let modern agriculture benefit more farmers and consumers". S Company’s sales in China reached $7.4 billion in 2021, with more than 16,000 employees.

With the continuous expansion of S’s business and the continuous innovation of business models, the digital transformation of the supply chain faces the following challenges:

  1. There is an urgent need to introduce digital support tools to improve the overall management level and efficiency with the help of digital means.

  2. Logistics vehicles, distribution routes, distribution fees and other information needs to be integrated online, open and transparent;

  3. It is necessary to implement data multi-dimensional analysis in a refined and efficient way to continuously reduce management costs.

To this end, Company S chose to cooperate with GREA Technology to jointly build an integrated logistics and transportation management platform, including the sales, allocation and transportation business of the agricultural service business sector, as well as the transportation business involved in grain trade and secondary processing. The goal is to open up the upstream and downstream system and realize the online management of the whole process from order issuance to vehicle selection, cargo distribution monitoring, customer signing and receipt, and fee settlement.

As one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, Company S continues to help China’s agricultural modernization and upgrade. GREA Technology will also work hand in hand with S Company to jointly build an intelligent transportation system with full-process visualization, and continue to empower the development of China’s modern agriculture!