Business Cooperation

Innovate logistics services and create a better life! GREA Technology helps to upgrade and optimize the vehicle transportation management system Changan Minsheng


Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co.,Ltd. is a professional smart logistics and supply chain platform service provider. Founded in August 2001, the company is an automobile logistics enterprise listed in Hong Kong, with a registered capital of 162 million yuan. After 20 years of development, it has grown into a leading provider in China’s automobile logistics industry and a large-scale smart logistics platform service provider in the western region.

Changan Minsheng carries the corporate mission of "innovative logistics services and creating a better life", adheres to the enterprise spirit of "passion, innovation, professionalism and efficiency", is customer-centered, results-oriented, contributor-oriented, adheres to the leading service strategy (worry-saving, time-saving, money-saving and value-added "three saves and one increase" services), and is committed to becoming a world-class green intelligent supply chain logistics technology company.

Since 2016, GREA and Changan Minsheng have cooperated for six years. In response to changes in business and management needs, the vehicle transportation system has completed many major milestone system iterations in the early stage. In order to strengthen the strategic layout of the integrated supply chain and promote digital transformation, and be customer service-oriented, Changan Minsheng Logistics has decided to optimize and upgrade its whole vehicle TMS system as a whole - integrating the vehicle service process, cleaning up redundant system functions, standardizing business processes, realizing upstream and downstream information sharing, and upgrading the intelligent transportation management platform centered on order management.

With rich solution experience and mature products in the tripartite logistics industry, GREA successfully completed the launch of the Changan sector in July 2022. It is currently carrying out follow-up implementation as planned, and plans to complete the overall launch of the project in August 2022. I believe that the professionalism and innovation of GREA can improve the vehicle logistics system and provide a better customer experience for Changan Minsheng, and continue to help Changan Minsheng go more steadily and farther in the era of logistics digitalization!