Business Cooperation

GREA once again joined hands with Huafon Group to create an exclusive smart park management platform for Huafon Chemical Industry


Good news: The launch meeting and business blueprint report meeting of the "Huafon Chemical Intelligent Park Logistics Implementation Project" in cooperation between Huafon Chemical Industry and GREA Technology was successfully held at the headquarters of Huafon Chemical Industry in Chongqing!

Miao Yingbin, Executive Vice President of Huafon Chemical Industry, Xu Shuyuan, Vice President of Huafon Chemical Production, Chen Dongsheng, Vice President of Huafon Chemical Polyamide, Li Bin, IT Director of Huafon Group, Zhao Xiaobo, Deputy General Manager of GREA Technology, and relevant members of the project team attended the meeting.

Chongqing Huafon Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huafon Group, one of China’s top 500 enterprises, invested and registered in Chongqing Baitao Industrial Park in June 2010, with a registered capital of 1.203 billion yuan and more than 2,200 employees. It is one of the top 100 enterprises in Chongqing, the top 10 comprehensive industrial enterprises in Fuling District and an excellent private enterprise in Fuling District. The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of adipic acid series products, and is the world’s largest adipic acid production enterprise.

Huafon Chemical has always adhered to the new development concept and based on high-quality development goals. While developing rapidly, the company also pays full attention to technological innovation and safety and environmental protection. Based on the trust established by GREA in cooperation with Huafon Group and the implementation experience of multi-industry platform appointments, Huafon Chemical chose GREA to create a smart park management platform for this time.

  1. From making an appointment to enter the factory to completing the operation and leaving the factory, it provides a visual display of the whole process, and the orderly entry and exit is convenient for management;

  2. Connect with IOT equipment and implement a series of operations such as automatic release and automatic departure to reduce human intervention and improve the circulation efficiency of the field station;

  3. According to the process node, the message push will be automatically triggered;

  4. Financial online automatic posting replaces manual offline reconciliation to reduce the distortion and timeliness of offline information communication.

Finally, the intelligent digital upgrading of the park will be realized.

At this launch meeting and business blueprint briefing, Miao Yingbin, executive vice president of Huafon Chemical Industry, delivered a speech, hoping that the project teams of the two sides could raise awareness, clarify the goals, clarify the pain points in the park and strengthen the overall overall overall planning to make vehicle management more efficient, safe and orderly.

Huafon Chemical took the lead in implementing the smart park management project. It is expected to achieve the goal of comprehensive onlineization of the park by the end of this year. In the future, it will also integrate and open up the TMS system being implemented by Huafon Group and the transporter to realize the overall automatic circulation of logistics and transportation business. In the future, GREA is willing to carry out more in-depth cooperation with Huafon Group to improve the transparency of logistics services and help Huafon Group complete the digital transformation and upgrading of supply chain logistics!