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Open Bosch Award:Bosch commends innovative cooperation with start-up GREA


Despite the current economic challenges, Bosch continues to promote and expand cross-company cooperation projects with start-ups. As the world’s leading technology and service provider, Bosch is cooperating with more than 300 start-ups in areas such as products or scientific and technological innovation. This year, Bosch awarded the "Open Bosch Award" to the Bosch Asia-Pacific logistics team and its logistics software supplier Shanghai GREA Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GREA") in recognition of their outstanding achievements in open innovation cooperation: Bosch Intelligent Transport System.

"A culture of open innovation is the key to quickly obtaining solutions in an increasingly complex world." Dr. Stefan Hatton, chairman of the Board of Directors of Bosch Group, said, "In both the business and technical field, start-ups, mature enterprises and customers can benefit from open innovation projects. At the same time, these projects also drive the development of a competitive economy. At the award ceremony, Dr. Hatton stressed that the importance of start-ups is increasing, because they increasingly assume the role of pioneers and have important resources, such as expertise in specific fields.

The "Open Bosch Award" evaluates and confirms the innovation cooperation team composed of Bosch and start-ups after a jury’s comprehensive consideration of business influence, mutual benefit and cooperation best practices. Through the "Open Bosch" project platform, Bosch and start-ups promote business cooperation. In the process, start-ups can gain something from such as industrialization, market access, and even brand marketing. The Open Bosch project builds bridges and promotes commercial cooperation for the Bosch business department and start-ups. Philipp Rose, general manager of Bosch Venture Capital Co., Ltd., said, "The success of Bosch intelligent transportation system is one of many successful cases in which the technology of start-ups can be quickly verified and implemented."

Bosch Intelligent Transportation System is a localized and customized intelligent transportation solution jointly created by the innovation team composed of Bosch Asia-Pacific Logistics Service Department and transporters. At the same time, it is also Bosch’s world’s first cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application in the logistics field. The entire project team is located in Shanghai and Suzhou. Relying on the comprehensive upgraded logistics management platform, Bosch China Intelligent Transportation System integrates the original Bosch transportation management process and data from offline to online, achieving automation and transparency in cost calculation, order processing and supply chain reporting. Based on data and algorithms, the logistics process and network are continuously optimized, and the system effectively improves the daily logistics operation efficiency.

After 15 months of hardening, the system has been widely used in 24 companies and factories in Bosch China. In the future, it is also hoped that the system can be extended to the global scope of Bosch Logistics to serve modern supply chains and logistics needs. Xia Jin, vice president of Bosch Asia-Pacific Logistics, said. We are very honored to cooperate with global innovation technology leaders. Thanks to Bosch’s business platform, this intelligent transportation system has been quickly implemented and practiced, thus having the opportunity to help accelerate the realization of digital business. Chen Wei, chairman and general manager of Shanghai GREA Technology Co., Ltd., said.

The Open Bosch Award was founded in 2019 to recognize the outstanding achievements of start-ups in their open innovation cooperation with Bosch. The award was initiated by Bosch Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bosch Venture Capital). Bosch Venture Capital is committed to empowering start-ups and recently set up a fifth round of 250 million euro venture capital fund to better achieve this goal. In addition, the "Open Bosch" project strongly supports Bosch and start-ups to establish cooperation and innovation.