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Ligao Food TMS management platform is launched to escort delicious nutrition


Recently, the Zhineng Cold Chain TMS project of Ligao Group has been successfully launched, comprehensively improving the level of Ligao food transportation management and empowering business development.

Ligao Food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale joint-stock listed enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of baked goods raw materials and frozen baked goods. Ligao Food and its subordinate Aokun Food and Haodao Food (Meihuang) business covers the fields of baked goods raw materials, frozen baked goods and baking sauces. After more than 20 years of precipitation and accumulation, Ligao has grown into a leading baking enterprise trusted by the majority of customers. In 2021, the company’s operating revenue reached 2.817 billion yuan, an increase of 55.66% year-on-year.

Zhineng Cold Chain, formerly known as the Logistics Department of Ligao Food, specializes in providing enterprise logistics and transportation services for Ligao and Aokun, mainly for cold chain transportation.

The company has carried out production capacity layout around the main market of national baking consumption. At present, Ligao Food has invested in five major production bases in South China, East China, North China and other places. It has cooperated with more than 1,900 dealers and more than 450 direct sales customers. The modes of transportation involved include road and sea transportation. Ligao has a wide range of business, involving sales, transfer, reverse returns, procurement, other warehousing, export and scrapping.

After the project was launched, it injected new impetus into various business processes.

  1. Sales Transportation & Allocation Shipping Process

91.7% process optimization rate - a total of 24 core nodes, 4 new nodes, and 18 optimized nodes (of which 3 are automatically completed by the system and 5 triggered with one click).

  1. Reverse Return Shipping & Purchasing Shipping Process

89.5% process optimization rate - a total of 19 core nodes, 4 new nodes, and 13 optimized nodes (of which the system automatically completes 1 and triggers 4 with one click).

  1. Other Outgoing Shipping & Export Shipping & Scrap Transportation Process

100% process optimization rate - a total of 18 core nodes, 4 new nodes, and 14 optimized nodes (4 of which are triggered with one click).

Changes brought about by business process optimization:

  1. Standardize the operation of transportation core nodes, realize information collection and data precipitation, and prepare for subsequent statistical analysis;

  2. Fully onlineize the business, reduce the error rate and increase real-time;

  3. Open up the systems of each organization and improve the logistics information service capacity.

The launch of the project can meet the transportation management of multi-business scenarios, improve the overall transportation efficiency, realize the standardization, transparency and efficiency of the transportation process, and ensure food safety.

In the future, GREA will continue to cooperate with Ligao Group to create a comprehensive and efficient logistics digital ecosystem for Ligao with rich digital experience in the supply chain!