Business Cooperation

Work with FAW Toyota to empower the digital intelligent transformation of supply chain logistics and build a more flexible supply chain correspondence mechanism


Founded in 2003, FAW Toyota Automobile Co., Ltd. is a large-scale automobile enterprise industrial cluster created by China First Automobile Co., Ltd. and Toyota Automobile of Japan. It adheres to the original aspiration of "manufacturing better cars". In the past 19 years, FAW Toyota has become the backbone of Chinese passenger car enterprises. At present, it has three vehicle bases, two engine bases, one research and development center, one sales company and one logistics company, located in Tianjin, Chengdu, Changchun and Beijing, and contributes to the great era with high-quality green and sustainable development.

In November 2022, FAW Toyota launched tens of millions of cars go offline, entering a new milestone. In the future, FAW Toyota will adhere to the strategic goal of participating in global competition on the tens of millions of bases, and will continue to improve and lead the future with a better attitude.

FAW Toyota and GREA have cooperated in the field of automotive parts entry logistics in 2019. GREA effectively combines its rich industrial logistics experience with Toyota’s business system. On its lean and efficient basis, it works with customers, from suppliers to relays to production bridging. Through the digital platform, it further improves efficiency, digitizes and visualizes in abnormal adjustment and information sharing, and improves the flexibility of the supply chain.

Over the past three years of cooperation, FAW Toyota has cooperated sincerely with GREA to continuously promote application results. At present, it has been promoted at three bases in Tianjin, Changchun and Chengdu, and further deepened cooperation in the field of warehousing management in 2021. Through the introduction of digital platforms, it has built a unified, integrated, visual and digital full-value chain supply chain logistics business system. In 2022, it will be extended to the field of spare parts logistics management, and it is proposed to visualize the full link of spare parts based on the unified platform. At present, the cooperation field covers the production, logistics, warehousing and other business areas of parts, FAW Toyota’s six factories and institutions, covering domestic parts entry logistics, imported parts logistics warehousing management, and spare parts logistics management business. Therefore, it lays a solid foundation for the digital intelligent transformation of FAW Toyota’s intelligent logistics supply chain.

Under factors such as contactless sales in the post-epidemic era, the impact of new energy vehicles, unstable parts supply and logistics, FAW Toyota and the carrier continue to improve leanly, taking high quality as the goal of the whole project, in the OTD field, based on Toyota’s TPS, fully taking into account the risk resistance of the procurement supply chain and production supply chain in the face of insufficient supply, digitally responding to the more flexible supply chain demand, and creating a digital twin system of FAW Toyota’s supply chain logistics:

  1. Visual synergy

Create an integrated supply chain with digitalization, connect suppliers and FAW Toyota production through process adjustment and timely and effective information sharing, and improve the efficiency of border cooperation across enterprises;

End-to-end visibility is ensured by the ability to capture data at each node and link in the entry logistics and warehousing management network, and the ability to share data throughout the network.

  1. Digital Empowerment

Continuously improve the performance of the supply chain network by simulating the deviation between planning and execution in the supply chain, or capturing abnormalities in logistics execution, and realize alternative strategies for identifying bottlenecks and risk simulation through digital simulation, such as comprehensive consideration of product supply chain risks, forming a rich supply chain execution simulation calculation model, so as to win more response time for possible abnormal situations (such as suspension caused by insufficient products), and improve flexibility while balancing production;

Optimize the coordination mechanism in the procurement and production supply chain to enable upstream, more timely, accurate and comprehensive digital connectivity with the ability of digital components.

  1. Intelligent intelligence

Through the link between intelligent Internet of Things technology and smart devices, the data is executed in the identification process, and the factors of human intervention are reduced;

Replace manual with gradual and intelligent analysis applications such as predictive early warning and algorithms to improve efficiency and reduce abnormal response time.

FAW Toyota will work hard to achieve the next ten million goal. The GREA will also "make better cars" for FAW Toyota with higher digital service and integration capabilities, provide consumers with the goal of mass production happiness at their fingertips, continue to strive for excellence in the field of digital intelligence in the supply chain logistics, and be the "extreme" in the field of FAW Toyota supply chain logistics!