Business Cooperation

The China-MAP transportation management system of Syngenta Group has been fully launched, creating a benchmark for China's agricultural modern logistics!


As one of the world’s largest agricultural and plant protection enterprises, Syngenta Group is registered in Shanghai and has operations in more than 100 countries around the world.

The group is mainly engaged in crop seeds, genetically modified crop seed production, research and development and sales of chemical raw materials and products, chemical fertilizer management, warehousing and other businesses. The number of employees exceeded 16,000, and its revenue exceeded $7.4 billion in 2021. In 2022, it was selected into Forbes' list of the top 50 innovative enterprises in China in 2022 and won the third best case of global poverty reduction.

With the rapid development of the modern logistics industry, the intelligent management of logistics warehouses has become the development direction of the industry. The type, quantity and frequency of warehousing management are constantly increasing, and the warehousing management operation has become very complex and diversified. Traditional manual warehousing operation mode and data collection methods have become difficult to meet the fast and accurate requirements of warehouse management.

As a leading brand in the field of domestic agricultural capital circulation, Zhonghua MAP is keenly aware that building a digital system is the only way to improve the level of modern logistics.

After six months of close cooperation with the carrier implementation team, the system was officially launched. The China-MAP logistics and transportation business of Syngenta Group is divided into two businesses: grain economics and grain grain grain. The specific results are as follows:

Grain Management

  1. Build the integration of warehousing and distribution, open up the information flow between systems, and realize the digital management of the whole process from procurement, sales, warehousing and transportation;

  2. Optimize the warehouse layout, optimize the location of warehouse warehouse sites across the country by analyzing the business situation of each warehouse distribution point, and save warehouse rental costs;

  3. Through data accumulation, build a driver and vehicle resource pool to lay a data foundation for building a professional transportation management team in the future;

  4. Optimize transportation costs, and find cost controllable points and optimization points in a timely manner through the standardization and automated processing of freight settlement;

  5. Improve the efficiency of tracking in transit and timely warning of abnormal orders.

Grain Valley

  1. Realize the visualization of the trajectory of multimodal transportation scenarios such as public iron and water, and improve the level of tracking and management in transit;

  2. Online settlement, automatic reconciliation, and save manual operation;

  3. Optimize operation nodes, save manual operation nodes, and improve operation efficiency;

  4. Automatic calculation of loss and impurities, eliminating manual registration and calculation.

At present, the optimization of the first phase of China-MAP of Syngenta Group is in intensive progress. In the near future, the two sides will carry out further cooperation to complete the signing of the second phase of the contract. At the same time, the training and launch of the grain economic system in all provinces and regions across the country will also be completed by the end of this year.

Syngenta Group China has always practiced the concept of green and sustainable development, and spared no effort to carry out research and practice in terms of reducing quantity and efficiency, improving soil improvement, saving water, reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture, protecting biodiversity and ensuring the safety of agricultural employees. The transporters will continue to help Syngenta Group’s two major transportation business sectors, China-MAP Grainjing and Grain Valley. I believe that with the support of smart transportation, Syngenta Group’s China’s digital intelligent agriculture and green development will benefit more consumers!