Business Cooperation

GREA Technology joins hands with Shanghai Ronghe Junjiu New Energy to build a green transportation management platform


In October 2020, the National Power Investment Industry Fund co-sponsored the establishment of Shanghai Ronghe Junjiu New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. to complete the closed loop in the field of green electricity ecology through the business in the field of green electricity transportation. Its main business involves new energy industries such as wind power and photovoltaic construction investment, energy storage and frequency FM, green electricity transportation, green power construction machinery, etc. It has invested in enterprises in the field of green electricity transportation. Its goal is to become a leader in the innovation of transportation energy structure, and finally realize the symbiosis, sharing and sustainable development of clean energy and transportation industries.

Ronghe Junjiu has invested in more than a dozen logistics enterprises. This time, it plans to build a logistics information platform to serve the logistics enterprises in the field of green electricity transportation, and has been looking for suitable solutions. Since the contact with GREA, the two sides have carried out in-depth exchanges on logistics digitization. Ronghe Junjiu finally expressed a high degree of recognition and cooperation on the Yunjiang’s products and logistics industry service experience.

This time, the customer purchased the SaaS version of Logwire TMS, and will adopt a co-construction model with GREA implementation team to plan to build and promote the Logwire transportation management system in the logistics enterprises they invest in to provide powerful management tools to protect their investment.