Business Cooperation

Strategic co-construction cooperation - GREA joins hands with Zhaochi supply chain to build an integrated management platform


Recently, GREA and Zhaochi Supply Chain reached an IT co-construction strategic cooperation to jointly build an integrated management platform for Zhaochi supply chain.

Founded in 2012, Zhaochi Supply Chain is a national AAAA logistics enterprise, and it is also a dual high-tech (national high-tech + Zhongguancun high-tech) logistics enterprise.

In the new era of 5G, Zhaochi Supply Chain adheres to the business model of "Internet rapid response + full-scene flexible operation" and is committed to developing a new generation of ecological chain products in the automotive field. It is customer-centered, based on the logistics services of the whole industrial chain, and the scheme and technology are dual-engine to provide industry customers with end-to-end supply chain services from "data" to "operation" and from "domestic" to "international".

This time, Zhaochi Supply Chain and GREA have opened a new digital strategy co-construction cooperation model - Zhaochi will share all the digital technology and application product research and development results and expert consulting team of GREA, and on this basis, jointly build the proprietary automotive supply chain digital platform and solutions of Zhaochi supply chain.

With many years of rich experience in the automotive supply chain industry, GREA has accumulated and mature product components to help Zhaochi speed up the digital level of logistics and create an efficient and collaborative logistics digital platform of "people, equipment, goods, transportation capacity, fields and documents" upstream and downstream of the automotive supply chain. Improve the visual management ability of logistics in the factory-production-vehicle-after-sales full chain, and at the same time realize the financial integration of logistics business and create an integrated management platform for Zhaochi supply chain.

Zhaochi serves many leading customers such as FAW Volkswagen, SAIC, Volkswagen, BYD, Tesla, NIO, Xiaopeng Automobile, Bosch, ZF, Fareo, etc. The business scenarios are complex and changeable. In the future, the teams of the two sides will conduct in-depth research and sorting out various scenarios, put forward standardization and optimization suggestions and implement them. On this basis, rapid iteration will be carried out to establish a leading digital platform for automobile logistics in the industry to help Zhaochi develop with high quality.