Business Cooperation

GREA TMS helps CTS International Logistics to build a smart logistics transportation platform


CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited(hereinafter referred to as "CTS Logistics"), established on December 14, 1984 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 29, 2012, is a secondary subsidiary of China Logistics Group Co., Ltd. CTS Logistics is one of the earliest first-class international freight forwarding enterprises after China’s reform and opening up, with a long business history and high brand awareness. The company is committed to becoming a provider of global logistics solutions and building a world-class cross-border integrated third-party logistics enterprise with complete networks at home and abroad, comprehensive service products, prominent platform advantages, leading industry status and strong brand appeal.

In order to achieve this goal, CTS Logistics chose GREA Technology to jointly optimize the transportation management system, and intends to achieve the following construction goals in the project:

  1. Build a standardized transportation management system: CTS Logistics will realize a standardized transportation management system with the help of the information support platform to further improve the overall transportation efficiency. Through the use of modern management means to standardize transportation processes, data standards and implementation standards, the transparency, lean and intelligence of transportation processes are realized to improve the level of transportation services.

  2. To meet the daily operation and management needs of the self-operated fleet: CTS Logistics will apply the TMS fleet management module to meet the daily operation and management needs of the self-operated fleet to improve the refined and intelligent level of fleet management and further improve the service quality of the self-operated fleet.

  3. Manage the whole life cycle of transportation business: CTS Logistics will use TMS to manage the whole life cycle of the transportation business, and carry out all-round control from order management, scheduling management, cargo tracking, data analysis, settlement management and other aspects, so as to improve the intelligent level of business management, work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  4. Realize data management visualization services: CTS Logistics will realize data management visualization services. Through in-depth analysis of massive data, it will help the company’s management better understand the company’s operation and business situation to provide accurate decision-making support.

In the future, the project will also be widely promoted in various branches of CTS Group, combining the strategic policy of comprehensive cooperation with the depth and breadth of strategic customers.

CTS Logistics is currently in a leading position in the global logistics industry. I believe that with the full support of GREA, CTS Logistics will gradually realize - standardizing transportation management, improving the efficiency of transportation business, and providing customers with better logistics services.